Charlie has became a father for the second time;-)
In Salbohed at Marianas and Christers place at kennel
Ethelred´s, there are four lovely small puppys.
Just wish I lived closer to them, but in December
going to Stockholm we will come by and visit
that is for sure:-)
Thank´s Mariana that you believes in our beloved boy!
From a proud Grandmother!


Sunday 4/10 Internationell SKK in Sundsvall,
judge Rita Mc Carrie- Beattie, Ireland
On a very slippery floor Charlie was placed as number four,
in his class. His sister Hildur was placed third with CK,
she is looking better and better now after having a litter.
In Sala at the Kennel Ethelred´s it is happening things;-)
Giza has showed some signs that makes us sure
she will have a litter, so in three weeks, we expect a gang of puppys:-)
I am so excited and happy to be a grandmum again:-)
Othervise, the usual walks in the woods, colds
and anything else that comes with the fall...

Have added a new link to the artist,
Yvonne Olsson Söderholm and "Happy Art",
She painted a beautiful painting of my beloved "Viktor"


We have enetered a couple of shows since my last update.
ISF Dalarnas show in Rättvik
judged by Jeanine Meeussenn,Kennel Revival, Belgium
Very well arranged and with pleasant mood
among exhibitors and organizers, well done!!!
Charlie was fourth best male with CK in his class
very well handled by Tessan Weckenberg, kennel Starmix!
Thank you very much Tessan!
CB´s Härliga Hildur without a coat,
was placed fifth in her class with CK.
Hildur with a little more coat will look great;-)

The day after it was SKK:s Int. in Högbo Bruk
Judge was Kresten Scheel, Denmark.
Not the greatest day either,
Charlie fifth best dog in Openclass.
He had also the opportunity to meet a new friend,
a little Jack Russel puppy twelve weeks old
and Charlie didn´t know what to think,
was it a cat or a rat???:-)
Thank´s to Tess and your mum Maud for a nice trip
with many laughs and good food and drinks:-))

When coming home I did meet this beautiful and
magnificent animals.The elk-twincalves from last year,
who unfortunately later was hunted and shoot
by the hunters in our neighboorhood:-(

Moreover, we are picking chantarells a lot
for the dogs delight, several hours in the woods
every day and both me and the dogs enjoys it:-)


Has been a long time since the last update,
but I work a lot, like every second weekend,
evenings and same number of days that one 100%
worker have:-(
My free weekends are mostly dedicated to dogshows
and gardening. Vi have been digging the ground
to a pond in our garden,
and the dogs will help us of course;-)

We have also been to Herrfallet, where our club
has a two day show every year.
Suzy Roffey, kennel Autumnwood, England
was judging ISF Södermanlands show on Saturday.
In a big class with 16 entered openklass 1 dogs,
my beloved Charlie wons with CK,
and ended up as fifth best dog!!!
In the cometition of 55 dogs!
What a lovely day!!!!
Charlies critics:
Really liked this dog, but carrying to much weight today,
Lovely overall outline, masculine head,
good neck, very strong front,
good shoulderangulation, good depth of chest,
neet feet, good coat, pleasing rear angulation
into short hools, moved very well.
Shame on me, has to put him on a diet now:-)

Sundays youngter day was judged by Lena Fosselius Petersson
who did a very good job,
charlie was second of the youngsterdogs,
also here because a little too much weight
Shame on me again!!!!!
better than I expected anyway:-)

Critics on Sunday:
26 month old. beautiful dog. Beautiful masculine head
lovely eyes. Excellent forechest and depth of chest.
Very good croup. Lovely, muscled tighs.
Good angulations in front and hind. Good feets.
Beautiful topline. Good coat and colour.
Moved excellent!

Home on the evening and work on Mondaymorning again
On Thursday we got a visit from a sweet little girl
from kennel Ethelred´s.
Starmix Dubbelbugg, with her mum and dad
arrived at nine a clock and it went very fast and smoth.
They both liked each other and the mating went very well
So nice when mating gets so easy and natural.
Now we will keep our fingers crossed for a
nice litter of small-Charlies;-)
If you are interested of this kombination
who both me and owner Mariana does
don´t hesitate to visit kennel Ethelred´s website
under "Links".
Some photos from the happy couple:

Love is in the air:-)

Otherwise everything is moving on
with long walks in the woods, picking
mushrooms this time of year


Köping Int.18 July judge Mary Knox, England
Because we couldn´t find a babysitter for the dogs
I decided to drive my self to Köping.
So at 01.00 on Saturday morning I was on my way.
Arrived at 8.00 on the show.
This was the oddest show I ever experienced:-),
a lots of second and third prices, so when
Charlie got a first price I was quite happy:-))
So at lunch time we, me and Charlie was thrue
so we drove home again, and after 1200 kilometers
of driving we arrived at home 19.30 again.
I must have gone crazy:-)
Here is Charlies critics from the judge:
Super Irish head. Overall well balanced.
Good spring of rib. Strong topline and quarters.
Moved with drive and style.

The weekend after that I went to Luleå
too take a look at Charlies puppies 7 weeks old.
Unfortunately the smallest bitch had to been put to sleep
because of a sharply murmur of the heart,
according to the vet. not hereditary,
but sad anyway. Rest in peace little angel!
I am really happy with that small litter.
A real star is RI´s Grace Kelly,
with splendid movements and raising,
good length, and very good angulation in front and hind.
She lookes really great, looking forward to se her
development in the future.
Wish I had the possibility to take her home
but really have no time for a puppy right now.
Wish all puppys good luck in their new homes!
Some photos...


Piteå Internationel Dogshow 5 Juli. Judge Jochen Ebenhardt, Germany
Charlie went best dog and BOS,
and the sweet girl Starmix Exotic After Ski BOB!!
Congratulations Tessan and Tequila!!!
Than I was driving 100 km up north to Töre,
to see my "grandchildren";-), Charlies puppies.
Four weeks old small fat babies with good bones,
heads and in lovely coats.
Here is some photos...


Our beloved old boy and best friend for the past
twelve years are now gone.
I have promised my self not to be selfish when the day comes.
I promised all my dogs a dignified end.
Viktor starting to have problem with breading on the walks.
He was eating less each day, and got thinner.
If I had decided to wait I would have been selfish.
This was the best for him.
That is why I had to take this hard decision.
We had twelve happy years together,
Twelve happy and healthy years,
wich we are very grateful for.
Tank you all who had wrote comforting words,
and displayed empathi. It means a lot to me.
Dear beloved Viktor, we miss you so much in our flock
but you will live forever in our hearts..
Sleep well my friend....

Like to show all this lovely poem that I got
from a member in Exclusively setters.
Thank you Lyn Hathaway for this comforting poem.

If it should be...

If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
and pain should keep me from my sleep,
then you must do what must be done,
for we know this last battle can't be won.

You will be sad, I understand,
but don't let grief then stay your hand,
for this day, more than the rest,
your love and friendship must stand the test.

We've had so many happy years,
what is to come can hold no fears.
Would you want me to suffer? So,
when the time comes, please let me go.

Take me where my needs they'll tend,
only stay with me until the end,
and hold me firm and speak to me,
until my eyes no longer see.

It is a kindness that you do to me,
although my tail it's last has waved,
from pain and suffering I have been saved.

Do not grieve, it should be you,
who must decide this thing to do.
We've been so close, we two these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

Author unknown - contributed by Carol Johnson


Finally some time to update! Work, dogs,traveling
and the garden has taken all my time plus a little more:-).
First of all I like to announce that my Charlie has became a father
to three girls and two boys.
Still waiting for some cute photos, but maybe soon...
In beginning of June I went for a trip to Holland to visit
Willy och Vera De Wilde. What a great weekend I had with
these lovely couple and their happy dogs:-))
The dogs had 3 acer of land where they could run free severals
time per day on that beautiful Queenstoneland
Living like familymembers in the house with them, so impressing
On Sunday we visited the Clubshow where I had the opportunity
to see a lot of lovely dogs.
Thank´s for this lovely weekend with lovely food and drinks
and great company. Here some photos from Queenstoneland

Next weekend 13-14:th June it was dogshow for two days
Maureen Hanley, Australia was judging on Saturday
Charlie became third best male with Ck, and Res.Cacib
Sunday Carl-Gunnar Stafberg was judging,
and my Charlie went BOB and BOG3.
It was raining like hell that day,
but in my heart it was sunshine:-)
Alma was fourt best bitch wich was fair,
when she was in not so good coat

Really nice we had the pleasure to meet with CB´s Romantic Romeo
His owner Hans-Åke took some photos, and on the frontside
it is a photo from Charlie, Romeo and Mother Alma.

We are also planning a litter next year.
We have the opportunity to have a litter from CB´s Härliga Hildur.
Tord and Berit, you are the best!!! THANK YOU!!!
On my trip to Holland I found the lucky Father:-)
and we really believes in this combination.
The pedigree for the puppies will be added on the Litterpage soon.
Queenstone The Jee Jee Man is a beautiful dog, but also have an excellent
movement and a wonderful temperament
And I had the pleasure to get to know him well this weekend
with the Queenstones.

Now four weeks of holiday in front of me,
doing some gardening, spending time with my dogs
and Piteå Internationel dogshow next weekend.


Finally summertime is here!
After work I spend all my time to
be with my beloved dogs.

And a little gardening also..

Now we are for 100% sure that "Happy",
Appelgrove Happy To Be Home
are pregnant.
Her tummy are already this big;-))

Are you interested of a puppy from Charlie and Happy?
Welcome to visit Kennel Red Iron´s website
under "Links"


The spring has arrived for real now.
The dogs is a lot outside in the garden,
and I really can see how they enjoys it.

Charlie, mother Alma & Grandfather Viktor

Charlie & Bruno on the move over the fields

Old Viktor who turns twelve in July
is still going strong.
He stills join us for the longwalks,
even if it is not so fast.

Viktor almost 12 years

Today I got some good news when Mysiga Märtas
Master Helena called and told me that Märtas
hips are X-rayed and free with AA!
There are no words for my hapiness,
Big Congrats to Karlsson family & Märta!!!!


This weekend we have been visiting Tord & Berit
at Kennel Irish Toddys in Ljusdal.
It was so nice to meet sweet Hildur
and her puppies who is 6,5 weeks old.
Here is some photos that I tooked.


We had a lovely weekend in Stockholm.
The Garden show it was loaded with people,
and whatever you should do it was long queues.
But we had the opportunity to buy a lot of fun things.
We stayed at a great hotel with lovely food
and nice rooms.

Coming home Sunday evening and on Monday
Charlie was supposed to mate this bitch "Happy".
But Charlie did not want to.
Truth to say non of the males was interested.
So Happy had to stay here for one week,
after mating at day 15, 16 and 17!!
Now just wait and see and hope for puppies.
If you are interested be welcome to have a look
at Kennel Red Irons under "Links".

Charlie & Happy

As usual at springtime I have got a lovely photo
from the south part of Sweden and Lise-Lotte Persson.
Tank´s for this lovely photo, Lise-Lotte!


We are going to Swedish Garden Show in Stockholm
for the weekend.
Check out the Gardenpage soon.


Tank´s for sending photos from Cherry Bloom´s dogs!
Here is one from CB´s Heather Cream "Beata"
and a cute one from CB´s Förnäma Fannie "Alice",
laying in the couch, enjoying herself.



Finally we have decided to have a litter number 3
in spring 2010.
We promise that this litter will be a exciting
and different kombination.
More info soon.


Snow, snow and snow!
The last couple of days we have had
30 centimeters of snow.
The younger dogs loves to rumble and run in it,
but the older ones are not so impressed.


CB´s Romantiske Romeo "Caesar"
X-rayed with B-Hips
I am so greatful that you are acting responsible
and x-raying your best friend.


The coldest day until now, was the morning
when it was 25 degrees below zero.
That wasn´t bothering the dogs at all, so I
just had to put on a lot of clothes to go for a walk.
After 20 minutes Bruno was this cute.

A lovely poem I found at the internet:

"If there are no dogs in heaven,
then when I die I want to go
where they went".

And some fun


2009 already!Time goes by unbelively fast!
We have had a lovely white Christmas and New Year eve.
Many nice walks with the dogs and a
"little too much" of good food!

2008 where very few entries to shows,
and that is why I am very pleased with Charlie
who ended up at fifth place on the Youngdogs-list.
Finally, I am wishing you all A Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I want to light a candle for those who cry
over harsh words.

I want to light a candle for those who
are starving on our soil.

I want to light a candle for those who are afraid
in the war-stricken country.

I want to light a candle for those who are persecuted
for the freedom struggle.

I want to light a candle for those who are sick
and suffers from pain.

But I also want to light a candle for those who
help,encourage and has a good heart.

Finally a photo of Charlie 20 month


We wish all our puppys and owners a really nice
and peaceful first advent!!!!


Finally the Winter is here!
That means clean dogs, and
clean floors, Lovely!!!


Unfortunately, I have became aware of
that bad rumours flourish about my old "Viktor"
There is a rumour of him having EP,
that is absolutely not thrue
and I like to deny this very definiv!
Today, "Viktor is 11,5 years old
a healthy boy, without eating no medication.
A little stiff legs and a limping frontleg, but
in all a healthy old boy.
I have always been honnest about my
dogs, and if someone have any thoughts about this,
you are very welcome to contact me
by phone or E-mail,

Viktor 11,5 år


Unfortunately it seems that Queenstone Lady Flannigan,
not longer have any puppies in her belly.
Too bad, but that´s life!


CB´s Mysige Melker x-rayed with AA hips,
and CB´s Arroganta Amanda AC hips


VNKK Internationella
Judge Ove Germundsson, Sweden.
Charlie first in Intermediate class, CK,
no placement in Best Male.

And a photo of brother Bruno 18 month


Our Charlie have had a date!!
With a good looking girl from Holland!
The name is Queenstone Lady Flannagan.
Now that we know that she is pregnant,
we hope that all will turn out fine and that she
will have a nice litter.
Big Hugs to Willy and Vera who really
believes in our beloved Charlie.

Cherry Bloom´s Charmige Charlie

Queenstone Lady Flannagan

Visit kennel Queenstone here:


ISF Uppland-Västmanland 23/8, Judge Dogs Lynn Muir, England.
Charlie was not placed and so was Bruno also, with an HP
Big Thank´s to Lisa Juhlin who handled Charlie Very well.

ISF Södermanland 24/8, Judge Dogs Chris Sheldon, England.
Bruno unplaced, and Charlie was place as number third with a CK
in an huge intermediate class,(19 entries).

Only 130 kilometers from two of my puppies,
in Storfors, Karlskoga,
I went there to visit for a few days.
It was so nice to see Charlie and Brunos brother,
CB´s Mysige Melker, "Elliot". A very well constructed
dog with a nice croup and excellent movements.
His head is an exact copy of my Brunos head.
Thank´s to Maj & Sten for always making me feel like home
visiting you and your dogs.
Here is some photos of CB´s Jim Beam and CB´s Mysige Melker.


Our oldest boy Viktor is having his 11:th birthday today!
We are greatful for everyday we have you near us!


Here in the North of Sweden it is really hot.
The days for the dogs is to sleep in the shadow,
and to go to a small lake near by to swim and cool off.
The young boys just loves to swim.

Well, not only good things happens here at our kenel,
but I really feel that I like to share all things.
CB´s Long-John from our first litter,
has got the diagnosis Epilepsi.
After a number of cramps, the owners went to a big
animalhospital who is named Strömsholm,
who did an inquiry of the cramps.
After a lot of tests och magnetscanning of the brain
they could exclude something else,
like a tumour or an infection.
So this EP is probably hereditary.
I am very greatful to Lena and Christer who
acted very responsible and vise as dogowners.
First of all for the dog, but also
for the interest of my breeding and for the best of our breed.
Even if not all breeders are honnest about this
illness I really like to believe that the most of
us works hard to keep our setter
as healthy as possible.
I wish the family best of luck in the future
and hope that Charlie will live a normal life,
as long as possible.


WORLD DOG SHOW Stockholm 5/7 Judge Gerald Condron, UK
In very hard competiton, (24 entries in juniorclass)
Bruno got a "Good".
brother Charlie got "Excellent",
and ended as number 3 in his class!!
Handled Very well by Sussie Larsson, Kennel Eel Garden
I am so greatful for that, Sussie!

photo by.Kasia Czapla

ISF WORLD WIDE SHOW 6/7 Judge Will Brown, UK
Also this day a big class,
Charlie wins this class with CK, and his
brother Bruno is placed as number four with HP!
This day too is Charlie handled by
Sussie Larsson. Sussie you are the best!!!

Cherry Bloom´s Charmige Charlie

Cherry Bloom´s Brunögde Bruno


VBKK Internationel show 15 Juni in Vännäs, judged by Martin Johansson
Charlie unplaced and, Viktor HP in the Veteranclass.
We vent home and did not stay for the finals.
In Dalarna judged by Torbjörn Granheim won,
Hildur the juniorclass with HP.
Well done, Hildur & Thord!!!
Big Congrats from us!!


VKK Internationell show. 24 Maj, Judged by Kenneth Edh
Just not our day. Charlie no.3 in juniorclass with HP, Bruno as number 4
Their sister Hildur number 3 with Hp.
Cornelia number 3 in openclass with CK,
unplaced in the competiton.
But still a very nice day.
Thank´s to Kicki, kennel Hot sensation, who handled
Charlie very well for me.


Finally springtime is here!!!
The days are full of early morningwalks,
Pick morels, a real delicacy
and maybe take a swim or two in some pool in the forrest.
Enjoying the spotted flycatcher who is here,
and enjoy oneself in the flowerbed.


Bruno and Charlie is X-rayed with A and B-Hips.
We couldn´t be happier!!!


Here´s some nice springphotos.


Viktor & Alma

Cornelia och dad is taking a break



And a nice photo of sweet Hildur


We like to congratulate Berit and Thord,
who x-rayed Hildurs hips with B!!

The young boys here at home is really growing fast.
Here is newtaken photos of our sweethearts .




Here in the north of Sweden we are waiting for spring.
The snow has been falling for almost a week now.
I´ve got a lovely photo from
Lise-Lott Persson, who shows me that it is close now.
At least in the south of Sweden.

Anyway the dogs enjoys the snow.
Here´s some photos from an early morningwalk.

I´ve got a picture of my favouritgirl
Härliga Hildur. Here it is!


Happy Birthday to all the puppies in litter number two!
Time is passing by so fast.
It feels like yesterday when you was born.

Härliga Hildur at Kennel Irish Toddy´s
Celebrates her birthday like a real princess!!
So great!!!


The young boys almost one year old..


Easter has been a very nice and quiet weekend.
Glowing sunshine and cold outside.
Long great walks with the dogs.

Lovely photos of our puppies.
Thanks a lot for sending
us those nice photos.

CB´s Härliga Hildur "Hildur"

CB´s Jonny Walker "Ville"

CB´s Romantiske Romeo "Caesar"

My husband has been for a trip to Las Vegas.
A trip with a helicopter over Grand Canyon
was the most popular activity of the whole week.
Here´s some photos.


New photos, Charlie and Bruno 10,5 month.


The days are getting longer and brighter.
I am busy with sowing and planting and
of course long walks in the forrest with the dogs.
At lunchtime they starts to remind me
of the daily walk.
Sometimes I wonder if they know the clock?
Anyway, after the walk they are tired and sleeps a lot,
and I can spend time with other things.
Here some photos from our walks....

Another good news is that my favouritboy
"Ben" Athron Raphael has got his first mating.
And with a really nice bitch as vell.
It is so ecxiting and we are keeping our fingers crossed
for a big litter.
Here is a nice photo of that lovely boy..


Finally my new webside is taking shape. Still it´s a lot missing,
but I will fill it up as time goes by.
I will also update as often as I did at my old space,
with fresch photos and stuff.
I hope you will enjoy my very first website made by myself.