Cherry Bloom´s Brunögde Bruno
f.20070410 Hips A

Born as number 13. The very first time I saw him I knew that
that it was me and him! So lovely. Loves to hug!
A elegant dog with movements that I love.

4 weeks      5,5 weeks

7,5 weeks       8 weeks

7,5 weeks

8 weeks       8,5 weeks

9 weeks     10 weeks

11 weeks       12 weeks

12 weeks       14 weeks

14 weeks       15 weeks  

7 month

10,5 month

11 month

1 year

15 month

18 månader

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080706          ISF World Wide Show          Will Morris England       4:a  Jkl, HP
080823         ISF  Uppland-Västmanland         Lynn Muir England       Unpl. Ukl  HP